Well…. haven’t found the instruction manual yet. Seeing as how it should be right on here somewhere, you think it’d be easy for me to find but….   ok, so i kinda got distacted or didnt really look all that hard. Didnt really take the time to read thru everything. Sigh. Yeah, pry more of something along those lines.
I did however find a wordpress app on my phone and i found a toutorial that i can listen to on my phone. That will be handy when i take the time to listen thru it. May be sooner rather than later.

I am curious as to if it will explain the difference between the posts and pages. Well thats kind of a stupid question cuz it defiantely shiuld if its any sort of directions. I can just see it now…. Bright, shiny button number one is a post. Say it with me, post. P.o.s.t. post…yeah…. blogging for dummies. Lol
I am also wondering if i should do seperate pages for seperate subjects and then do seperate posts per posting. Probably. That would just make sense. And it would be organized and readable (as long as my typos dont get in the way of that. Notice the lack of proper punctuation as i go on. I wonder if thats acceptable in blogs?) Maybe i’ll give adding other pages a shot and go into my day out shoping today. The main item we were in search of… a bathing suit. Sigh. Uhg. Yes, i think that subject is definately worthy of a post. Lots to say on that subject. Ha Ha Ha!

For now, these are ramblings. Someday maybe they’ll be read by others. Maybe they’ll be helpful. Maybe they’ll be insightful, or even enspiring to someone. Maybe they’ll bring a much needed smile, giggle, or full out laughing fit to someone and just make their day. Maybe. Thats a nice thought. Thats a very nice goal i think. Hhmmm… well if i am ever going to get anywhere with it i should pry find those elusive directions and get to reading. I think the tutorial is only interactve with the pc website and not my nook app but it wouldnt hurt to check into it.


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