Getting somewhere…. or so i thought

So, i read thru the tutorial online but i dont know that it helps much as far as the nook/phone apps are concerned. I dont know that the cool little button to add in free pics is something i will actually be able to use on these apps. Its all fine and dandy if i want to just upload pics from my phone, but those pics are kind of crappy. Dont get me wrong, i will be uploading pics from my phone (how else am i gonnna shiw my current whims?), but when i bought my phone i didnt really care about how the camera. When i do get a new phone when it comes time for an upgrade, which i could really use already, i will be sure to pay much more attention to the camera.
With that said, lets see what i can do with the camera button on this app with my nook…

Hhmmm…. i can select a nook from my gallery on my nook. That would be very benificial if i had been able to accomplish transfering the images in my head into suitable images on the draw progam i have on here. I just cant seem to be able to get a decent or fine brush stroke with it. I do seem to be able to make decent dots tho.
There also does not seem to be a spell check option on these apps either. Those would be quite helpful.

What i DID find is that pages are for more permanent posts. Like an ‘about me’ page. Im not sure what else id use them for other than that, ill have to check other blogs out and see what theyve got going on.
I also found that as far as organizing, i should have different blog subjects and then post accordingly. So, you dont divey up your post with the blog acording to subjects, you divey up your subjects into blogs. Ok. I think.

What ive learned ultimately it not as much time as i should have spent learning it is…. one step at a time. Of course. Wouldnt expect it any other way. 2moro i will create an about me page and then go from there.

I could go thru and delete these meaninless posts when I
m done, but i like using past bumblings as learning tools and reference. And theres a slim chance that someone, somewhere, sometime will find them funny or helpful. Im leaning more towards the funny tho since about the only helpful it may provide is the confirmation that they are not the only one who started something without actually knowing what they were doing first.   😉


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