Sigh… grrr… hhmmm….

Ive read a bit more and checked out a blog or two…. not quite what i had in mind for setting mine up. Guess i will be revamping or rethinking a bit. Hhmmm… thinking and analyzing til the thought is pulp and will fit thru the sieve of my choice. Think ive done that before. Countless times actually. Part of my problem. An antisocial person with too much to say and no outlet for it. Typical contradictory human response if you ask me. But still, all in due time. Baby steps, baby steps. Ive gotten this far and thats progress as far as im concerned.

My guess is, to do different subjects like i was planning, i do different blogs. Each of these blogs will have seperate posts, as expected, but i had thought that maybe the pages could be shared between the blogs. It doesnt look like it. Hhmmm… time to rethink i guess.

Maybe i shouldstart with something simple. An about me page. Sounds simple enough but that of course is an illusion. When it comes to explaining or describing oneself, its never simple. Ok, onthe surface maybe, but in depth when that concept is analyzed and beaten to death… not so simple, but thats going to deep for this conversation.

So…. onto the simple things, or at least one of them. Type up a basic about me page. I think i can handle that. After that, we’ll see. I’d like to get to some other not as meaningles writting soon… before either i lose all my thoughts or spontaniously combust from too much pressure.


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