Step one

Step one, done. Maybe even two steps. I am pretty sure i’ve gotten a theme set up for my blog. Thought im not entirely sure that it is set up the way i would like. I was trying to customize it last night, maybe change the image, and my nook page locked up. Figures. I find what im looking for and how to change it, and i cant do anything with it. I just might have ti hijack one if the kids pc’s to set it up.
The other step i have complete is the about me page. Not sure if maybe i should have split my interests up into different pages or not, and its definately not ALL there is about me, but i think it serves its purpose. Theres always an edit or delete button.

Now i just have to try out the tags and other features. Not sure what id tag these with. So far im just rambling about starting a blog. And of course there’s my punctuation issue. Punctuation is so much easier with an actual keyboard

, i think. Also wish i could spell

on this app. Maybe i can before i publish but i just haven’t paid enough attention yet.
I did however find my way to the dashboard. I have had 2 veiws. Funny thing is, one of them is on something that i had started but i think i deleted it. It was incomplete and i was going to try to make it into a group or section but since i dont think that is possible without starting a new blog…. hhmmm. I still have a lot to figure out, but i’m getting somewhere.

I’d really like to get to unloading some thoughts and such other than the ups & downs of starting a blog for the 1st time, but i’d like to work some kinks out 1st. Pry should have done that before starting this whole experience but sometimes its helpful to just jump right in and learn hands on. It also can help to prevent someone like me from procrastinating so long that they just dont do it.
Maybe i’ll see if i can make friends to give me opinions, idea, and helpful tidbits on how to work all this to my best abilities. Someone who actually knows about blogging. Some more research and delving into blogs that have that information would pry be very helpful. Funny how an antisocial person whos trying to be social can still be cautious eventho they are anonomous.


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