Nope…. got nothin…

Didnt get any work done as far as blogging information goes. I was, however, productive in the daily grind (eventho it was a holiday).

Speaking of holiday…. Thanks to all military past presnt and future!!!

I received an email from 1 of my navy boys, sent a reply to him and an email out to the other. It always bring a smile to my face to hear from them. Took the youngest, whos not so young anymore, to breakfast at starbucks and to walmart. For someone who doesnt like the taste of coffee (me), i sure do seem to find my way there often. I have found they have chocolate crossiants. I may end up there on sat or sun mornings. After walmart was laundry and other assorted household shuffling, craft store for more canvas while theyre on sale, lunch with the 2nd eldest, then back to walmart… again. I so wish i would remember (or everyone else would remember to tell me) everything the first trip. Lol. Ect, ect, ect.

I did however get a picture almost finished. I posted a pic thru my phone that should be before or after this post. I was for a style like i had done on the picture i did for my aunt for her birthday, which i will pry post a pic of when i get some pics moved around (unless i actually get on a pc & figure things out that way). I figure id try the blue & brown cuz the print on the paper was similar to what i did for my aunts. Anyways…. its almost done. Maybe the next post will be it in its completed form. Maybe after this ill do the one ive been thinking about. The black and white 4 square set.

Sigh… its what time? Already? But i was just getting into good rambling. Didnt even get my complete thought out. Lol. Well, itll give me something to say 2moro. Hhmmm… wonder how many typos ive got considering how tire i am. Ill have to check into that 2moro too  😉


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