Meditating my way

I have found that the main point of meditating is to relax. It is to release the negative, take in the positive. Let go of the day. And so on and so forth. For someone who can’t stop thinking or analyzing, that is a whole lot harder than it sounds.
This is what I have found that works for me. It has helped me a ton in more was than I imagined and it is a stepping stone to other meditating exercises ive done.

The trick is to not set yourself up for failure. Accept your limits and work around them. Dont see it as if you don’t do it every night of the week, you fail… because you will if you do. Accept what you can do. Learn from it, grow from it, and move up from there.

The best time I’ve found to work in meditating, especially when first starting is before bed. Start with giving yourself at least 15 minutes  extra in your nightly routine. The extra details of your environment are not that important (lights on or off, music or no music, ect), the key here will be teaching the body, and mind, to learn its relaxed state. Once you program that feeling into your system, it becomes habit. It becomes more accustomed to and more willing to accept the exchange of negative for positive. It just simply becomes easier, like second nature.

When you’re ready, lie in bed on your back, take a breath, and relax. Pay attention to your  mind. Is your mind going a million miles a minute from thoughts of the day? Are you worried that you wont be able to clear your mind? I never could. I still can’t Accept that they are there. If you are good at visualizing you can imagine pushing them aside or filing them. Even if you’re not a visualize, you’re just going to let them be. And then we add in the distraction for your mind.

Pay attention to your body. What does it feel like? Theres an ache in your feet? Your back? Are you clenching your fists? You will fix that. Take a breath. Pay attention to how it feels. Is it thru your nose or your mouth? Feel the movement in your chest and lungs. Feel the breeze it makes in the air around you. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

Now for your muscles. You can start at your head, or at your toes, whichever is comfortable for you. Let say you start at your hands because they’re clenched on top of your belly. Take a breath and move them to your sides. Wiggle the Fingers to loosen them up. What do they feel like? Achy, sore, cramped from typing your blog? Breathe and relax. Relax your fingers. All the muscles, all the tendons all the joints. Breathe. Feel the weight. Feel how they get heavier as they relax. Feel the air around them. Breathe. Your wrists and forearms. Relax the muscles and tendons. Feel the weight. Feel the air. Breathe

You can start at what hurts the most, you can start at the top and work your way down, or toes to head. If you get too tired to finish, that’s a good thing. That usually means that you’ve let your day go, which was why you were doing that in the first place. If you’re good at visualizing, you can visualize your aches, pains, thoughts, negativity as bubbles or fog or something that get released or disperse as you relax and let them go. You can also do that with your breath. release the negativity, pain, thoughts, or what have you with your air when you breathe out. When you breathe in, know that it is clean, fresh, positive air taking the place of the negative air.

You can do this one night a week, every other night, or whenever you have the time. When you first start, it will take a while. It usually does, but after teaching your body how to relax, next thing you know you jump into bed and as you take that deep breath to prepare yourself…. your whole body melts and relaxes with it. Even if you never get to that part, taking the time to relax your body is like hitting the reset button. And just that simple feat makes a difference.

I think the next meditation one I will post will be the one you can do in public… without drawing attention to yourself or getting arrested 😉

Not entirely sure if it’d be considered meditation or not but if it accomplishes what you want meditation to do… then I’d call it meditation.

You’re welcome to give feedback, questions, or comments. I hope this is helpful.


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