Not gonna happen

Nope, i will not be reaching my goal I had for tonight. Just not gonna have enough time for that. So instead… I’ll post 🙂

I did notice that the pictures and whole frickin page i typed up still are not showing up. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the pictures from my phone and I’m guessing they’re too big.

I have however come across a few blogs that I like or have found interesting. I’ve even posted comments. (go girl!) so… I can post and comment, thats all i really need to be able to do, right? Someday I will have a pretty picture of somesort in one of my posts. A nice watterfall scene when i post about positive energy. An old, worn page from a book when I post a favorite word or phrase. Something to set the mood and mind. hey… a girl can dream can’t she? I’ll get there… sometime.

In the meantime I think i’m gonna give the nook or phone app a shot at typing up a draft to post. Today after reading a post, i thought about describing a meditation process amd what meditation means to me. Not that i’m an expert or anything, but i’m pretty good at changing my perspective to set my mood. It also is quite detramental to hang onto negativity, this i know from experience. I may even be close to an expert oth from an inside and outside veiw 😉       Nothing is perfect or easy, nor do I want it to be. That would just take the fun outta everything. A little bit nicer now and then wouldnt hurt though 😉  ok… enuf winking faces.

Or a draft of a word/phrase i’d like to post. Or just my take on something. A different perspective. I just think I need to get to what I started this for… talking/typing/posting. pictures or no pictures. I’ll find my way along to that…. eventually.

But this will all come a different day. Now is time to relax and breathe and get some sleep. I never have been a morning person so if I’m must get up at 5am, I need a decent bedtime. (aside from the fact that I meaninglessly ramble when I’m tired. and… I’m tired)

I do have quite a bit to say. It may be meaningless drabble to some, it may make someone laugh (which i love the most), it may enlighten or inspire someone, who knows. I just a matter of where to start. At some point ill share more of me, my trauma or experiences, but maybe this time i wont jump head first. But i should type up something before i read another post since the few i have read have stirred my mind with even more to say. Hhmmm… and i need to learn to shorten my comments/replies. Note to self, not everyone needs or wants a paragraph response. It would be much easier if they didnt make me think so much. (Sssoooooo wanted to put a wink after that)



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2 responses to “Not gonna happen

  1. Love to hear more about this meditation thing. 🙂

    • I did a post about meditating, hopefully its helpful. Any questions or comments, let me know. Id link it if I knew how but i am not that dangerous yet 😉

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