Whatever was I thinking?

Ok….  I do not really know my way around this blogging thing yet but I am still learning. So being the genius that I am…. I think I have signed up for that blog a day thing. I’m not entirely sure what it’s for, from what i can tell it’s just to promote blogging daily, but since I am trying to blog everyday anyway I figured why not, so… I clicked the sign me up button. Hhhmmm…. maybe I shoulda thought first… BUT…. if I thought too much before I did some things, I wouldn’t do anything. So I think I signed up. The worst that will happen is that I get cicked out of it… right?

What I don’t know:  am I supposed to stick to the ideas that are given? Does your blogging have to appear to be written by someone who knows what they’re doing (I surely hope not cuz I obviously don’t)? What if I miss a day? Should I really put that little box on my blog page if I may not be able to follow the rules? Are there rules?

Yeah well… that’s why I did and didn’t think about it. Overanalyze much?   😉

I am not entirely sure how to do the little box thing. yes, i’m afraid of the ‘click here’ to add it to my page. I have yet to get to actually linking things or any of that other technical stuff. I think it took me a week to figure out how to get a picture on here.  Speaking of pictures….

While I was roaming around the blog/post a day places, I came across the suggestion to post a picture right now. You know, take a picture right now and post about it… so I took pictures at my mother-in-laws while we were there today. Here they are (crossing my fingers)…..

This isn’t entirely what I had planned on typing up but technology has gotten the better of me today. what should have taken 15 minutes, turned into 2 hours, and so on and so forth. Since it is the last day of the weekend and monday starts a glorious day at work of rushing to get things entered in a timely fashion (can you see the sarcasm dripping off of that?)… all I really want to do is see if the HBO Go actually works and I can finally watch the True Blood show (hopefully from the very begining)  i’ve been trying to check out. After all this work, I hope it’s good. If not… I’ll see what else I can get frustrated with.



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  1. cjehrman

    haha im new to this bloggin stuff to. lmao check out my blog.

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