Me, a freak? Why of course i am!

We are all freaks of nature. Me. You. They. Us. We.

As if just being a human being isnt enough… heartbeat, soul, emotions, energy, lifeforce…. we have disorders, stigmas, addictions, illnessess, and imperfections.

Overweight, overbearing, overthinking, smoking, alcohol, sex, gambler, poor skin, bad hair, no hair, too much hair, anorexia, bulemia, poor nutrition, enabler, codependant, bipolar, depression, shyness, paranoia, anxiety…. and on, and on, and on.

We are a walking contradiction. We see in ourselves what others fail to see, and at times fail to see what others do. We get angry when other place limitations upon us, yet we seem to consistantly place them upon ourselves.

We all have flaws. But what makes us the same also makes us different. Unique. It is just a matter of perspective. That is something we all have a choice in.

Take a deep breath and a look in the mirror. There looking back at you is a walking, talking miracle. No other person could walk in your shoes as you do. No other person could effect the people or the world around them like you do.

The question is…. how do you choose to effect the the people and world around you? Its your choice, for better or worse, it is your life. What are you going to do with it? It is your life to live. How are you going to live it?


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One response to “Me, a freak? Why of course i am!

  1. Yes I’m a big advocate of taking complete responsibility for your life…good and bad.

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