Plan of attack…

This weekend i plan on organizing my blog a bit more to my liking. Add in more categories, maybe figure out how to post/find pics i can put up that didnt come from my camera phone, and….. damn! I already forgot what else i was thinking of doing. I was reminiscing of my day. Yes, i am sure that is spelled wrong, but you get the point.

My aunt (and just about closest friend i have) stood up for herself (so proud).
At work i wanted to smack my boss for being and idiot. Ok, she not an idiot, but sometimes she sure acts like one. And i really hate the fact that i kmow shes a liar but she doesnt even realise what shes doing. Good thing i am left alone in my office with my headphones to block out the world. Music really can be a miracle worker.
More frustratration at work…. again, thank you music.
A bird sh!t on me. Not just one little drop, a whole entire spray. Oddly enuf, i only got one tiny speck on my shirt. How that happened is beyond me.
But i did get to watch 3 episodes of a new show i am watching. True Blood. Im liking this show. I have always had a thing for vampires. And wherewolves. And shapeshifters. But mainly vampires. Its the whole escape from reality for me. Ok…. theres more to it than just that. With the vampire thing, i kinda relate. Not the drinking blood, maybe the ding, but definately the sensitivity. Nothing like being able to really ‘feel’ something (or someone) when you touch them. That is the main reason i really dont touch people. But… thats a whole nother story.
Its just sometimes i know too much. I take in, or get too much. A book, movie, or show allows me to lose myself for awhile in that made up world. That may not have made a whole lot of sense right now, but someday it may. Maybe that can be a post this weekend.

Anyway…. it wasnt a bad day so to speak, wasnt a good day. I would say it was nothing to post about but i am sure i actually could turn it into a post. Hey look! I did! Im getting better at this. Ok, maybe not, but it sure makes me feel better and like i am accomplishing something.
So yes, back to posting and this weekend….. i plan on doing just that. Now if i can only remember tomorrow what i am thinking of now, it just might be something worth reading. Its kind of a challenge (for those of you who actually read this). It is something i suggested to a fellow blogger the next time shes overwhelmed with stress or thought, and something i pretty much do everyday out of habit (and need). Lets see if i can explain myself enough to get the point across but not ramble so much i lose your intrest. Now thats a challenge for me.

***Oh, and i gotta read up more on these tag things. I never really know what to put. I can usually come up with about 3, but thats it. I will get a better hang of this eventually. Nothing like learning first hand (if you dont mind)***


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