Really? How hard can it be to get breakfast?

I don’t like coffee. I like the smell of coffee, but i can’t stand the taste of it. Not even a little bit.
A coworker gave me a Starbucks gift card for christmas just this last year and I discovered that they do have one of my beverage staples. Tea. I have also recently discovered that they have a decent breakfast selection. One of my favorites actually, chocolate croissants. The staff has been quite helpful and friendly towards me and I have had one or two offer up suggestions for someone like me who doesn’t like coffee.

They also have wi-fi so since I had an extra hour this morning I figured I would get a tea, chocolate croissant, and maybe work or post on this blog. Easy, right? A nice way to start a saturday morning. Hmm… well…… I guess not.

As I’m looking at the breakfast selection, one of the staff walks up to the counter and waits. His demeanor gives off an  ‘I dont like to wait’  attitude. Oh great, he’s impatient. So I order a chocolate croissant and a hot tea. He asks if there’s anything else, rings it up, and gives me an amount that’s about half of what it should be.
Did you get the chocolate croissant.?

Now he is a little ticked and says he didn’t hear that part. He adds in the breakfast and its now more than I thought, but I don’t think its off by much so I just leave it be. The guy is obviously not too happy with me already so lets just get my stuff and got sit outside. Away from him.
Now, since I don’t like coffee and I don’t know much about it, I havent been to Starbucks much and half of their equipment and menu confuses me. The only reason I have even checked the place out is because I received a gift card for Christmas. He pours me something in a cup (umm… that doesn’t seem right) and puts it on the counter. I asked him what it was and he says coffee (of course I’m sure you could imagine the look on his face when I asked him that question since I was in a coffee place). um, I ordered hot tea.

That helped his mood immensely. He looked as if he wanted to throw the cup. **I have worked retail before, most people have at some point in their lives, and I definitely understand and sympathize with having a bad day, but to glare at someone as if they are the worst person in the world all because you did not clarify that you heard what you heard correctly…. that’s just inconsiderate.** He glares, and huffs, and his posture changes. His headset for some reason gets knocked off his head so he adjusts it forcefully around the back of his neck (he soooo wanted to chuck the thing across the room). I can see the frustration building in him. It’s just emanating off of him in waves. Aside from telling him that what i ordered wasn’t what he made, I am keeping my mouth shut. His frustration and anger are getting the better of me and I start getting antsy and frustrated myself.

He steps away and goes to the case with the muffins, breads, and pastries. He stands there with his head down fiddling with whatever it is he’s got. I look through the glass and see that he is having a bit of trouble with plastic wrap on a plate. Wait a minute…. is that a cookie? Really? I’m not sure though so I decide to wait and see. Plus, he seems really pissed at the plastic wrap and I really do not want to see how pissed he gets if I tell him he is fighting with that plastic wrap for no good reason since that was not what I ordered.

What kind of tea do you want?

Just regular tea.

The 3 other times I have gotten tea, the have always put 2 tea bags in it, and I have learned to ask for a small cup of ice. This time I got 1 bag, and i didn’t even bother to ask for a cup of ice. I picked up the tea, the bag (which did have a cookie in it), walked out heading straight for my vehicle, and left. The guy had me so worked up that I was afraid of what I would say if I did say anything, and I definitely did not want to take the time to relax and enjoy my breakfast in an environment that had me so worked up. By the time I left all I wanted to do was throw the stuff, preferably at that guy behind the counter. I never ate my cookie, which I didn’t want in the first place, and I just finally had my tea (after lunch).

Grr…. sigh…. at least I know where NOT to go next time.



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