They said it better than me

I have said this myself…. just not as eloquently

Whittlin' Rich

Why perversion, injustice, torture, and sadness?
Because honor, justice, goodness, and bliss.
Without a pit, there is nothing to rise out of.

Why do bad things exist in the world? Because without contrast, there is no “good”.

Without the potential for corruption, integrity cannot exist. And in a just world, there is no exhilaration in seeing justice served, because it is always served. In a world without cruelty, compassion and kindness are meaningless. Feelings of bliss exist for mere moments, at the peaks of emotional roller coasters, but in a world without emotional lows, highs also do not exist.

If everything worked perfectly as one would expect, there would be no feeling of achievement, no surprises, no laughter.

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