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Whittlin' Rich

Our experience as individuals on Earth seems to be dividable into two parts:
“the observed” (or “the doer”) and “the observer” (or “the witness”).

The doer is what we watch. Much of the doer’s life is already laid out: its body, inclinations, family, and initial location. There’s also the extensive pre-built infrastructure of civilization. And on top of that, there appears to be a randomness component that tends to affect aspects of the doer’s life.

Without the observer, the doer would not exist in a sense. If nothing is witnessing our lives, what is the point of existing, it’d be the same as not existing. So it appears that the observer is here to watch life happen.

But just because the doer experiences something “bad”, the observer doesn’t need to get upset. In the same way we enjoy turmoil in fiction, we can enjoy it in the doer’s life, as…

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