Lights… Camera… Action!

I love movies. Preferably action, fantasy, comedy, and even sci-fi. I enjoy the ability to lose myself into another time, place, or world even of it is only for a few hours. This is also why I enjoy books, music, and some tv shows. They all allow you to set any troubles you may have for the time being and focus on someone else’s, who usually has it worse than you. Or they make you laugh til you wet yourself and you try lamely attempt to pass it off a spilling your soda. Or they make remind you of the goodness ans possibilities abound that are right in front of your face if you would just pay attention more often.

I love movies. I love the thought that it is possible for everyday people to become and be someone extraordinary. You can be the person who saves your loved one from the brink of something disastrous. You can be the person who laughs in the face of danger because you know that you are bulletproof or are perfectly capable of dodging the knife with your astoundingly fast super speed. You can be the person who saved the world from complete and total destruction and be proud even though most of the world will not know it was because of you.

For the first time in my life… Ever… I really wish I was able to act. Actually, its more like I wish I had more guts. I probably could act, and quite well, but lack of self-confidence and extreme stag fright have steered me in another direction entirely. But i think it would be amazing to be able to be someone else for a little while. To be the drop dead gorgeous person that has people swooning and fighting for you. To be the bad ass hero who can kick almost anyone’s ass anytime the occasion called for it. To be the villan, just once, because it would feel so good to be so bad and not actually have the end result that villans bring about. To be able to take off my shoes and walk in another’s knowing full well that you can get to put back on your own.

But it was never meant for me I suppose. Oh, my life has been like the movies, some of them at least, and not usually the ones I care to watch. I have lived it, so I prefer not to watch it. I really would have much rather been able to kick the living sh!t outta the bad guys though, all the while looking hot and not even breaking a nail.

As I give this some thought though, I must admit the truth. We really are all hero’s of some sort or another. We are parents of children with illnesses who look to us for hope. We are teachers and mentors of people who look to us for guidance and direction. We are cancer survivors who rally together to help others like us in need. We are the rock in rough waters to cling to. We are the arms that are there to support when the knees weaken. We are the light at the end of the tunnel.

It may still go unrecognized by others at times but we know we have done the right thing, at the right time, and have saved someone’s world even if it was not the whole of the world. Ah…. But if everyone, saves someone, then together we have all saved the world.

So now you know…. You have helped save the world. You are a superhero. You should be feeling really good and very proud of yourself right about now…. Because you deserve it!

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