Uh…. now what was that thought again?

Hhmmm…. i really should post something, it has been a few days, but i cant seem to remember what i was thinking to post. Ok, maybe i got that wrong, since i really didnt have a thought to post. Dont get me wrong, i have thoughts, and things to say, but things have been nice and relaxing lately. Ok, ok…. ive been slacking. Its kinda nice. Also, if I wait to post this until I edit and spell check it, i dont if ill get it posted so just imagine I said it instead of you read it. So, i have been……

Watching True Blood and getting cought up on that.
Reading books, just read the latest Nicky Charles book thats on Nook and couldnt put it down.
Watched 2 movies in the last 2 days. The 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie, and Safehouse. Wrath of the Titans is tomorrow.
Celebrated my 14 year wedding annivesary on the 4th of July. Yep, we got married on a holiday. It was one of the few weekends we both had all of our kids together, and as hubby says… ill never forget our anniversary.
And work has been work. Uhg. Its not really that bad, just been stresseful the last few weeks and ive been trying to let it all go when i leave instead of having it eat me alive.
All in all, its been going pretty good and ive been preoccupied.
Soon i need to post another part of the past post tho. Ive just been leaving things be for now though and not digging into the past much. Theres been a bit of family drama so ive been keeping myself strong for that.

Nothing new with the readventure of the family business yet. Itll be small steps that are long processes for awhile. Revamp the idea, plan, costs, ect. Hubby wants me to take a business or computer college class. I think he wants it done before we restart our business venture full swing but i am really hoping that he will miraculously have a fire lit under his ass to get a move on sooner than either of us can enroll in a college course. Have i mentioned how much I really dont like school? Its not the learning something I have a problem with, its the people, classrooms, grades, homework, and so on and so forth, that i dont like. Hhmmm, i wonder if i can do some sort of bargaining. Ill take a college course when we get more serious about this business. Maybe that will work. Uh, probably not.

So…. with that malarky said, i need my uncrankieness sleep. Beauty gets you to the door, niceness gets you in it 😉


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