I love it when a plan turns out better than expected

Recently, my daughter-in-law sent me a text. It was a picture of a bare wall that they have in their house that is the first wall you see when you walk in. In that text she requested “something spiffy” to go on that wall, and that it go along with the two pictures I did for the grand kids.

So I worked on that project this weekend. The entire weekend. of course, I can see where it could be improved on but I am very happy to say….. It turned out much better than I anticipated. It’s awesome! I only have a finishing touch or two and it is completely finished. (an edging around the outside of the frames would be nice, and clean)

Although it is their Christmas present, my son will be out to sea during that time so I am sending it early. Both so that he may see it, and so that he can hang it. Take a peek at the pics below. It was actually quite a bit of work, hadn’t realized how much until I was working on it, but it was so worth it!





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