All about me

Ok, not all… but enuf. All would just be entirely too long and quite frankly, more information than some would want to know.

To begin with, ive started this blog to become more social, or at least try to be, from a stance that i am more comfortable with… a distance. I am antisocial. Not by nature mind you, but from circumstance and experience. I have always been shy but once you get to know me, ill talk until the sun comes up, or goes down. I am an overthinker and an analyzer, most of the time. So many thoughts without an outlet is quite trying at times. Hence the other reason for this blog.

As ive stated, events have made me a contadictory force of nature. Some of these events make quite a story. In times where i have shared a story or two with people close to me, i have been told several times that i should write a book. Thats quite a novel idea. A person with a story or two, who loves words, and does too much thinking write a book… whoda thunk. Huh. Good concept, not so good follow thru. I have no idea where to start, not so good on the focus at times, and having difficulty with both subject matter and organization. I figured id start with a blog and go from there. Sure, just about anyone would love to be the next overnight book sensation, but how probable is it to turn fantasy into reality overnight. I dont really have high hopes but we ill have to see how everything goes. Just doing this alone, even if it is only read by one or ten other people is a step towards my goals. It accomplishes what ive set out to do. Get my feet wet in each aspect of the reasons for this blog in the first place.

Now a bit more about me and my umm interests.
I love books. I read quite a bit. Fantasy and fiction mainly. The nook i got for mothers day is the best presant ever. I dont think i go one day without picking it up. And now i can blog with/on it. Uh oh. I do miss having the actual book in my hands, the smell of the paper, the feel of the hard cover and the delicate pages withing, the ability of being able to hand it to someone to read for a while or days. Upside, i dont miss smearing the words cuz my hands are sweating, having the dogs eat the ending, trying to find my ever elusive booklight, or never getting back that book i handed over. Hhmmm i think its a fair trade after all is said. Ill take my nook and have instant access to the sequel instead of have to go out to the store, with the option to buy new/used those books i really like that id like to have a physical copy of in my hands.
I love music. I never go a day without it. My tastes vary, usually according ti what im doing. Instrumental when relaxing, calming, or creating… rock and i guess what is considered heavy metal when im driving or working and other regular activities… dance, pop, and other upbeat rythms when exersicing, cleaning (which in itself is exersice), or when i need a change of pace… and country, rap, techno, industrial, opera throughout the mix to keep things intersting. Its all about the rythm and feelings the music envokes. Always looking for new music to hear or try and continually wondering how many chanels pandora will actually let me have.
Always enjoy a good flick. Action, adventure, scifi, and comedy. Movies from comic books, movies from books. A bit of escape from normal dull life, or just for a temopary distraction. Not much into chick flicks, even though im a chick, im just not that interested in crying and feeling worse than i did before the movie. I have seen a few, but not many. No notebook or brokeback mountain for me. I pick batman, punisher, serenity, underworld, and mission impossible.
Last but not least… i am a creator. I have painted, drawn, sculpted, and pretty much evrything else in between. Wanted to be a clothing designer but that just wasnt my path. I try to find my niche, but im not sure i have one. Its one whim after another, after another. Thise things i will share in here, pictures and all. Its just like books, music, and movies…. its the emotion it invokes. Its the peace it gives me and the places it takes me while creating. Its the peice of me that i can give.

I like to make people smile, relax, or laugh… whichever it is that they need in their life. I hope that when i create or share things for or with people that it comes throught and is carried over. I hope that in someway it has helped, if even for a moment. Those moment are all that we have. Life is but a bunch of moments put together in a continous line. We always forget that. We always forget to cherish those little moments as much as we want, but every now and the we stop and remember to do just that.

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