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Throughout our life we acquire scars. Some scars are bad, and some scars are good, but as with everything else in life…. It is what we do with them that matters.

They are flaws that add character. Things that make us who we are. They show that we have lived, or that we have survived.

They remind us to be cautious, or remind us to take risks. The are examples of what we’ve done, and examples of what we should not have done.

They are memories of where we’ve been, and motivation for where we want to go. They are our life’s teachers, mentors, lessons, dreams, and hopes.

Our scars shape us, they encourage us, and the define us.

Here are a few of my scars that define me.


This scar on my right ankle is from when I was an infant. Back then, that scar was the entire span of the inside of my ankle.  There is a story somewhere here in my other posts about that particular incident. If I was more technologically adept I’d put a link to it right here, but since I am not that skilled…. consider it a treasure hunt.


This scar is on my right wrist. I had problems with my wrist/hand/arm for about 5 years and saw all too many doctors that said there was nothing wrong over those 5 years I had carpal tunnel like symptoms, but did not have carpal tunnel since I lost complete use of my hand/grip after performing menial tasks. One doctor finally did surgery on my wrist. Turns out, there was a cyst in my wrist that was leaking fluid, filling up the entire area of my wrist, which in turn constricted everything in that area. Absolute worst surgical recovery I have ever had. It was an extraordinarily painful recovery, but it was one of the best simply due to the fact that I could once again use my right arm/hand.

image   image

Yep, that is my neck. This scar is my ‘victim of a violent crime’ scar. I had my throat slit from one side to the other. It will be one of my stories, and may even be a two parter, so keep an eye out down the road. The scar itself is a bit hard to see on the picture if you don’ know what you’re looking at.

Looking at the picture, it is wide/jagged on the right side and turns to thin and raised from the middle and over to the left side. It goes at an angle across my throat. From the lower natural crease on one side (right in the picture), to the higher natural crease on the other side (left in the picture). When I am emotional, stressed/angry/upset, it stands out more. When you get really frustrated, your skin changes color a bit. Scar tissue does not.

The scar itself isn’t so bad. Took quite awhile to heal, and I treated it well with vitamin E oil and the like. It also was a very huge help that the trauma doc on call that night just happened to be a plastic surgeon.

I am not my scars, but my scars make me. They don’t hinder me, they complete me. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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Celebrities are people too

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the kind where things just don’t seem to go quite right. They don’t go horribly wrong, so it’s not so obvious that maybe you should just call it a day and go back to bed. It’s more of an underhanded, sneaky kind of wrong that you don’t even realize it’s a bad day until it’s too late.

I’ve had two of those.

I had to send out an apology letter due to an error from my boss, but it looked as if it was my error. My miracle make-up that I purchased for more money than any other make-up I have ever bought, is anything but a miracle and now I get to deal with the headache of returning it. The dog did his business, in my craft area, on a brown section of the carpet, and I didn’t see it before I stepped in it. I typed up an all too long-winded post that I was going to edit, but it didn’t upload from my Nook. Speaking of technology…. yeah, on second thought, let’s not. Phone, computer, network, printer, email (had to reboot the modem as I was typing this).

So as you’ve figured out my now, it’s been one of those sneaky bad days that take you unexpectedly, but I also know that I am not the only one who has those kind of days.

It may be just me, but today I noticed that there are quite a few candid photos of celebrities lately. The ones that show that they are people too. They spend their time in the morning getting their kids ready for school, and are probably in just as frantic of a rush are we are on the first day of school since they obviously have as much time to do their hair and make-up as we do in those situations. Then there are those ‘on the set’ pictures. You know, the ones in between starting their character make-up and finishing their character make-up, not quite all put together. They also dress for comfort when traveling, running errands, or going to the gym. (well duh…. don’t you?)

Yes, they are just as tired and cranky as everyone else after a long flight. Yes, they look just as attractive as everyone else when eating. Yes, they also have to take the dog out to use the restroom, and I am sure they have also stepped in the consequences if they don’t. Yes, they are just as despondent as everyone else when their heart is broken. Yes, they have bad hair days. Yes, their eyes are red (and possible make-up smeared) after they’ve been crying.

Since they have their bad hair days, no make-up days, and wardrobe problems just as I do, I figure I could say the same if I turn the view a little bit more. If I had someone do my make-up, style my hair, and had my choice of clothes/shoes, I bet I could look just as stunning as they do if I were to attend one of their black tie functions. Not that I will ever have the opportunity, or those resources available to me, but it sure helps me feel better knowing that I could.

It helps to know that when we are having bad days, that we are not alone. It helps to be reminded that each one of us can and will shine when it our time to do so. Each of us will be there for our children, our parents, or family, our animals, and our friends. Each one of us is a celebrity in our own right in our own lives in some way or another. We all may not be as publicised as the celebrities that we consider stars, but we are a star in someones eyes.

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Love Long Lost

I’m trying out the “press this” button tonight.

This blog has beautiful photography, wonderful words, and sparks for inspiration…… check it out!

Love Long Lost.

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