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Wonderfull distractions


This week I have a new distraction from my blog. One of our Navy boys is on leave and is in town visiting us…. with the grandkids. Today I am feeling a bit elderly. I have sore muscles from playing with the 3-year-old. Muscles that I didn’t realize how much I wasnt using them. I have not forgotten how much work children are, I just didn’t think my body had. I must have flipped him upside down at least 20 times and still he said… again, again, again! Thankfully I remembered exactly how much fun a plain old cardboard box could be.

We recently had our hot water heater replaced and my husband had asked them to leave the box. He figured Id find the long pieces of cardboard useful for one of my creative projects. Well it was definitely useful. Our youngest, who is now taller than 3 of his 4 brothers, proceeded to put my grandson in the box and push him all around the house in it. He absolutely had a blast. “Help… I stuck” he would say. His uncle would tip the box so you could just reach his hand to rescue him. Then by some stoke of luck he would miss your hand and slide down the inside of the box with a dramatic arrival to the bottom, which would then end in that wonderful child laughter emanating from within the box. His uncle also had it tipped at one point so that they used it as a slide. He would slide to the bottom and then turn around and climb back up. I am extraordinarily happy to find that at least one of my boys has the right frame of mind to know that although making an open cardboard slide on the staircase that curved with the stairs would be really awesome, it would be entirely unsafe for a 3-year-old. In my head I was jumping for joy when he told me that.

Sometimes our children not only listen and learn from us, but also from others. As they laugh at the stupid but funny things their siblings or peers do, mentally they are filling that whole event into the section of their brain that is labeled ‘what NOT to do’.

Children will never cease to amaze you.

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