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Things that go bump in the night

Un otage nommé Bumpy

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was an odd child. Big surprise? Yeah… I didn’t think so. There was a lot of stuff that I did, heard, and saw when I was a child that most children don’t see, do, or hear. I myself thought it was normal, up until I told a friend about something I did and she looked at me as if I was nuts.
‘Don’t you do that?’.
‘No. No one does that. You can’t do that.’
That was the last time, as a child, I ever discussed it with anyone. I was old enough to realize that when someone looks at you like that when you tell them something, you don’t repeat what you said to get that look. Ever. I didn’t have many friends and I didn’t want to risk loosing any of them, so I didn’t ever tell anyone else. As I got older I have limited who, where, and when I discuss it.
What was it I did?
Hhmmm, what didn’t I do?
Well… Here’s one of them….

Like most of us, when I was little I was afraid of the dark. There are scary and dangerous things in the dark, or at least there could be scary and dangerous things in the dark. Quite a few of those things I have come across or met, but that didn’t really happen until later in life. When I was still quite young, around the age of 7, the things in the dark were actually quite nice.
When I went to bed one night and proceeded to cry myself asleep , I heard voices. They were soothing, calming voices. They told me that there was nothing in my house or room that would harm me. That there was nothing to be afraid of. I was safe. I could see their faces but only as images in my head. A wispy, blueish light like what you might imagine a ghost would look like.

They did their best to calm and comfort me, and to help me to not be so afraid of the dark. They told me something that I would never forget and that would ultimately save my life at a later point in time. What they said was this…
If someone did come into the house who meant you harm, and they opened the door to your room to look for you, where would be the best place be for you to be? In the darkest part of your room. They explained to me that if I was in the darkest part then I would be able to see them, but they would not be able to see me.
After thinking on that, I scooted myself over to the darkest part of my bed and allowed myself some breathing room. I thought I was safer, so I felt safer. I was so busy crying and getting myself worked up into such a level of anxiety that after I relaxed and calmed down, I realized that I had been talking to someone who wasn’t actually there.

Uh, wait a minute… there’s no one here… did I just imagine that? I must have imagined that. Now, I did, and still do have quite a vivid imagination at times. I also have extraordinarily vivid dreams and nightmares, but I was not asleep yet so it wasn’t a dream or a nightmare. Being the adult that I am now I would also like to mention that in my opinion, to think that conversation entirely up on my own would have shown me to be much wiser in my years that I actually was and I do not believe that to be the case.

As I lay there in my calmer state, I wondered who I was talking to and what was going on. At the time, I was pretty sure that if you didn’t see it, it didn’t exist… and I stated as much. Out loud. That in turn led to another discussion. They do exist and they are here to help and protect me. Hhmm, yeah… ok. What scared child, in the dark, in the middle of the night wouldn’t want to hear that? okay, fine. If you’re real… prove it.

There is a car that is going to drive down your street in 3, 2, 1… a car drove by.

Your parents are going to bed… I heard my parents in the hall going to their room, which was right across from mine, and shut the door.

You’re mom forgot something…. I heard my mom go out of her room, pad down to the kitchen, I heard a noise at the kitchen sink, then I heard her go back to her room and shut the door.

The toilet is going to flush…. the toilet flushes.

Your brother is going to cough… he did.

The neighbors dogs are going to start barking…. they did.

There will be a siren on the other street go by…. I heard an ambulance siren.


Hhmmm… okay, but maybe that was just luck. That doesn’t really prove anything.

The next thing that happened did prove something. It was also what made the entire event stick in my memory and why I remember what they told me about being safe in the dark. It may still have been my young imagination, and oh boy what a great imagination I had if that is the case, but… it did what it was supposed to do. Get my attention, teach me, and get me to remember that very important conversation.


Look in the corner of your room across from you. There will be a light. It will be a small light…..I saw a small blue light. A dot really

Do you see it getting brighter….. I did.

Now it will get bigger but it will not be so bright… it did.

It will sparkle like glitter… It did.

As this dim but glittery light became bigger and dispersed throughout my room I felt warmth and at ease. I felt safe. I felt protected. From then on, anytime I started to get afraid of the dark I would remember that conversation and feel stronger. Stronger in the fact that I wasn’t as alone as I thought I was and that I had nothing to be afraid of. I did not need to fear the unknown just because it was unknown. Things will go bump in the night but there is usually an explanation, and there is usually a reason. There is enough in this world to fear without causing your own fear over something we are only imagining. Do not let your own fear conquer you. Sometimes the best place for you to be is where your own fear is keeping you from going.

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Storybook pictures and dreams

These are the pictures I did for my grandkids. They will be getting them when they are here to visit in about a week and I finally got some good pictures of them.

I love books, stories and fairy tales. This storybook series of pictures I’ve been doing reminds me that our lives are just another story, in another life, with multitudes of possibilities. You never know which day will stand out the most or who will come to your rescue (or who you will rescue). It’s a reminder that wishes and dreams do come true, sometimes you have to tilt your head a little bit to get a better view, sometimes it’s blindingly obvious.

As a child, I always wanted to be the princess, damsel, or butt kicking heroine in the fairytale books. As an adult, I realise that I have been and still am. My life, as well as anyones, is a story. We just have to remember to continue shaping and changing the story for the happily ever after that we want.


I really would have liked the Treasure Island part (top left) to have been a little darker but…. that’s how the paper was and I didn’t want to try to ‘fix it’ only to mess it up. It’s not as light up close and personal so I left it as it is.

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Love Long Lost

I’m trying out the “press this” button tonight.

This blog has beautiful photography, wonderful words, and sparks for inspiration…… check it out!

Love Long Lost.

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Life is unfair

One day to a new beginning

One day to a new beginning (Photo credit: Nomadic Lass)

We have all heard the phrase before that life is unfair. Everyone has experienced the unfairness, some of us more so than others.

Sigh…. I am not even sure where I was going with this. It’s just been one if those days. You know, unfair. It all started well, but just went downhill. Not that it was really bad. Oh no, definitely not the worst… not even close. But do you ever get that feeling,after a not so good day, about how ‘off’ things are. You say to yourself ‘somethings not right’, and that sooo helps your mood (not). Yeah, well, its been one of those days.

We go thru the day putting one foot in front of the other just to make it to tomorrow knowing that tomorrow will be better. Deep breath. One day at a time. One step at a time.

I did not want to write this type of post tonight. I wanted to write my challenge that i mentioned a few posts ago. It is a quick ‘me time’ meditation that i do that helps me get thru days or difficult times, like today. It’s an on the spot help you turn your perspective around type of thing. We all have those days so i am hoping that it will help someone else when they need it. It has helped me a lot.

As you can probably tell from previous posts, I am an instants type/post type of person. I have a general plan or idea of what I want to say in my posts, but I type straight from my heart and thoughts at the time. That is part of my reason of starting this in the first place. So many thoughts, so much to say, so much to share…. all in the hopes that it will help someone else. Help either make their live easier, help them cope better, help them heal, help them with life. Make them smile, make them laugh, give them insight, give them hope. Just give something.

Since i tend to be anti-social in the physical world, that can be a little difficult. It is a very justifiable anti-social. definitely been there done that type of thing, and so much more. But such is my life. Worse than some, better than others. Such is everyone’s lives. Its how we cope, deal, and react that make it’s what it is and who we are. Live is an adventure that is meant to be lived and you have to take the bad with the good in order to really make it worth your while. You wouldnt cherish your love or love with you whole heart if you never knew what it was like.

And there I go rambling… again… as usual. Get used to it 😉

The point of my mood….. my closest friend is my aunt. She is the youngest of my moms sisters. We have had similar experiences in life, at different times of course, and have become even closer over the last 2 years. So close we are in sync so to speak. I feel her pain, her joy, her anger (a lot of why i keep my distance from people). It was her husband that was admitted into the hospital last monday due to breathing problems. This was on the same day as her mother, my grandmother, was admitted for a surgery tha could have had bad complications. My grandmother was released on friday. She had looked a little worse for wear after the surgery, actually a lot. Well….. my uncle is still in the hospital. He had looked good, now… not so good. My aunt has been in tears several times the last few days. More so today than any other day. The prognosis is not very good.

Though she has not actually said it out loud, in these specific words, today she felt as if she was just sitting in the hospital with him watching him die. It is a very difficult thing to face. It is the circle of life, and all that other mumbo jumbo, and I have definitely put it in a positive perspective multiple times…. but it is still a very difficult thing to face.

I have been dealing with that today. I have been being her rock to hold onto when she feels as if she’s going under. It wears on me. I hide it well, but it wears on me.
Then i had a dentist appointment. We all love those. The end result, yes. The actual process, not so much. Oh, and have i mentioned my issue of being trapped and not in control. Not such a good thing when in the dentist chair. Along with several other very justifiable issues, the dentist is a difficult trip for me.
And then there the rude & inconsiderate people who seem to think I need their issues too. My husband pointed that out to me after the cashier at circle k was… umm…. not so nice. I was very pleasant and polite, her…. not so much. ***I have a theory on that but if I went into it now, this post would take much longer to read than it is already***

Sigh… got sidetracked again.

Its been a rough day, emotionally, but ive made it through worse. Actually, ive made it through this one since i will be in bed soon.
For those of you who have stuck through my rambling, here’s the light at the end of the tunnel (and the end of this post)…..
There are bad days, yes, and life isn’t always fair, but it is still your life. It is still living, breathing, life flowing energy that interacts and connects with others in one way or another. Take the bad day in and make it yours. Ease the pain of another. Shape it into what you want your tomorrow to not be. Breath it in and let it go. Remember and hold onto the positive. The politeness of a stranger when they held the door for you. The smile from a friend. The hug from your lover. The laughter from your child. Take all those small, simple things from your day, no matter how trivial they may seem and add them up. Those simple things are what will make your today better and your tomorrow brighter. They will take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
Breathe, remember, and feel them. Let them flow through you and into others. Change yourself, change your environment, change the world…. one conscious thought and possitive emotion at a time.

**I’m figuring out the pics a bit. Now I just gotta spend some time figuring out the formating. nothing like a bunched string of words for a post. It’s looks much better when i type it on my Nook first and save it as a draft, but that’s how I made my other mistake, thought that wasn’t such a bad thing. And I’m still working on the tags too. It’s a learning process. I’ll get there… eventually 😉 **

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Something to think about

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an ...

There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day. (Photo credit: Christolakis)

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”

~ Alexander Woollcott

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I love it when a plan comes together…. or not

“The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.  ” ~ Edward Phelps
Yep, that is another quote from Inspirational Spark (i really hope i am doing those link things right. please let me know if i am not).
Speaking of mistakes….. I have documentation of my recent ones (see other posts). Here’s the thing… I did not intend to reblog so much. I was checking out the blogs this morning while have having my nice, relaxing breakfast. I came across several blogs that I really enjoyed. They made me smile, made me laugh (in public out loud), inspired me, and all around brought quite a joyful morning. Being able to have access to such a variety of people with such varying viewpoints all in a matter of seconds with just one click or point of a finger is quite amazing. It is very encouraging to know that there are people all over the world who are just good people.
What I had intended to do was create a post which had links to other sites where I had found something that really stuck out, preferably with an explanation as to why it stuck out. well…. that isn’t exactly what happened. Instead, I commented on multiple sites I looked at, and reblogged several too. Then I tried to fix it while I was on the go, with the app on my phone. Yeah… that didn’t turn out the way I intended either.
Wether intended or not, whats done is done. I did like all the blogs or posts I both commented on and reblogged so they will stay the way they are. With that said, this is what I have learned in my blogging adventure today…..
The people within a blog may be people you never get a chance to meet up front and in person, but the words on their pages give you a glimpse into what lies within their heart, mind, and soul. They write to share their joys, to find comfort for their sorrows, to release their angers, to reach out, to feel complete, to join together, to bring inspiration, to enlighten,  to find a connection, to bring out that spark that is within another no matter how small it may be.
WE write for all that and more.
WE read for all that and more.
WE accomplish all that and more.

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Sharing a sunday quote

Found this on kaylnors blog. So simple, so true.
I am finding the most amazing things on blogs this morning, while having my tea and chocolate croissant. To know that there are truly wonderful people out there in this world of ours is heartwarming. Some are inspiring, some are insightful, and quite a few bring a smile to your face.
We all seek to find others to share, laugh, and cry with. We have devised a way to do so even if we are unable to find like minded people nearby. The wonderful world of the web, and all the blogs in between.


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Greetings earthlings

I am not entirely sure what the break free badge is but…. there’s some pretty cool stuff on this blog. I like the post that’s ‘we are all earthlings’. So true… we are all human, no matter what nationality.

I am finding the most amazing things on blogs this morning, while having my tea and chocolate croissant. To know that there are truly wonderful people out there in this world of ours is heartwarming. Some are inspiring, some are insightful, and quite a few bring a smile to your face.
We all seek to find others to share, laugh, and cry with. We have devised a way to do so even if we are unable to find like minded people nearby. The wonderful world of the web, and all the blogs in between.

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Inspiration….. be yourself

Let’s try this again (i somehow completely hosed up my other post)….
Short but sweet post. These are from one of my favorite websites. inspirationalspark.com
I like that website and have several favorite quotes from there. These aren’t my favorites but I do like these ones. Enjoy!
NOTE: I am not sure what the rules are for this but hopefully I have done all this correctly and I am giving credit where credit is due. If not… please tell me, because I would really like to share more of them.
“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

~ Dr. Seuss

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

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