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River’s Storybook

River's Storybook

This is River’s gift that I’ve finally finished. Like the other picture, it is all done with scrapbook paper. This canvas is actually a 16×20 so it’s quite big. I needed it to be big to fit all the fairytale characters, but I think one a bit smaller would have worked. a series of smaller ones would pry be nice looking too. That would mean more holes in the wall to hang the more pictures, but it looks pretty cool in my head šŸ˜‰

I’d like to do one with actual pages from books but I don’t have any books I want to destory at the moment, and i think several different types of books with several types of font and style. Without the characters but with bold words like…. beli
eve, dream, imagine, or whatever I can come up with that goes with books.
Any suggestions?

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June 2, 2012 · 11:30 pm

Oh C’mon! Really?!

Oh for the love of….. arg… grr!!! Sigh. Confounding technology strikes again. Tho i am about 99.9% sure that this problem is a p.i.c.n.i.c = problem in chair, not in computer. The fact im not actually on a computer being part of the problem.

Ok… so…. as i stated before, ther was to be a picture. Yeah, well, no such luck. It wouldnt upload from my phone . Sent it to my email via text so i could download it to my nook and post it that way. Ad the poc, type a few short words, upload… right? Nope. Error 924.75.397553 (or some such crap). C’mon?! Really?! Can we not speak in words? I dont understand number speak. Error 9…. does not help me at all. I cannot fix the problem if you dont tell me what the problem is. Image too big? Too small? Too blury? Too bad? What?! C’mon…. work with me!
Had i actually had people reading these posts, they may have had interest in what i was working on, and may have actually wanted to see a picture of it but noooo… we cant allow that for some unkmown computer speak reason. Lol! Ya know, im pretty sure this whole blogging thing is much, much easier than the experience i am having. I can still see my 14 year old laughing at me when he heard i started a blog….
Him: you started a blog? (Laughing)
Me: yes.
Him: you really started a blog? (Still laughing)
Me: yes, i did. Why is that so funny?
Him: cuz. What are you going to blog about? (Toned down to a giggle)
Me: i dont know… stuff
Him: (laughing so much he cant talk)
Me: why is that so funny?
Him: cuz people do blogs to talk about stuff they really like. Stuff theyre passionate about. Stuff they do. What are you gonna blog about? Reading?
Me: yeah, maybe. I dont know. I jus want to talk. I have some good stuff and some important stuff to say like everyone else. Why shouldnt i?

… and it went on. He did have a point. I dont necesarily have anything im passionate about or really knowledgable about from a book/learned stand point, which got me questioning exactly why im doing this and exactlly what i want to share. I did however feel much better when i came across a few other blogs of people who were just venting, looking for opinions, and just all the daily stuff that makes us who we are.

That is what i have to share. Life. Aside from whatever creative whim im currently on…. i have life experience. I will be 40 this october. On the one hand, its not so old. Actually made it?!. But on the other… wow. 40?!
I have also always felt i am older than i actually am due to the experiences ive had. Life is a lesson. But more importantly… life is to be lived. Learn from it, grow from it, share it. Thats what i hope to do.

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