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Button Trees!

Before Guild Wars 2 takes over my computer (I haven’t had the joy of playing it yet but it looks good), I figured I’d take a minute to share my latest whims.

As I mentioned before, it is that time of year when the creative bug bites me and I find myself up to my ears in projects I want to do. Here’s a bit of what I’ve done. They are all made out of paper, glue, and buttons on either foam board or canvas. I am hoping to make googly eye trees soon for Halloween where I put¬†googly eyes instead of buttons on somewhat more sinister trees. In the meantime… enjoy ūüôā

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Celebrities are people too

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the kind where things just don’t seem to go quite right. They don’t go horribly wrong, so it’s not so obvious that maybe you should just call it a day and go back to bed. It’s more of an underhanded,¬†sneaky kind of wrong that you don’t even realize it’s a bad day¬†until it’s too late.

I’ve had two of those.

I had to send out an apology letter due to an error from my boss, but it looked as if it was my error. My miracle make-up that I purchased for more money than any other make-up I have ever bought, is anything but a miracle and now I get to deal with the headache of returning it. The dog did his business, in my craft area, on a brown section of the carpet, and¬†I didn’t see it before I stepped in it. I typed up an all too long-winded post that I was going to edit, but it didn’t upload from my Nook. Speaking of technology…. yeah, on second thought, let’s not. Phone, computer, network, printer, email (had to reboot the modem as I was typing this).

So as you’ve figured out my now, it’s been one of those sneaky bad days that take you unexpectedly, but I also know that I am not the only one who has those kind of days.

It may be just me, but today I noticed that there are quite a few candid photos of celebrities lately. The ones that show that they are people too. They spend their time in the morning getting their kids ready for school, and are probably in just as frantic¬†of a rush are we are on the first day of school since they obviously have as much time to do their hair and make-up as we do in those situations.¬†Then there are¬†those ‘on the set’ pictures. You know, the ones in between¬†starting their character make-up and finishing their character make-up, not quite all put together. They also dress for comfort when traveling, running errands, or going to the gym. (well duh…. don’t you?)

Yes, they are just as tired and cranky as everyone else after a long flight. Yes, they look just as attractive as everyone else when eating. Yes, they also have to take the dog out to use the restroom, and I am sure they have also stepped in the consequences if they don’t. Yes, they are just as despondent as everyone else when their heart is broken. Yes, they have bad¬†hair days. Yes, their eyes are red (and possible make-up smeared) after they’ve been crying.

Since they have their bad hair days, no make-up days, and wardrobe problems just as I do, I figure I could say the same if I turn the view a little bit more. If I had someone do my make-up, style my hair, and had my choice of clothes/shoes, I bet I could look just as stunning as they do if I were to attend one of their black tie functions. Not that I will ever have the opportunity, or those resources available to me, but it sure helps me feel better knowing that I could.

It helps to know that when we are having bad days, that we are not alone. It helps to be reminded that each one of us can and will shine when it our time to do so. Each of us will be there for our children, our parents, or family, our animals, and our friends. Each one of us is a celebrity in our own right in our own lives in some way or another. We all may not be as publicised as the celebrities that we consider stars, but we are a star in someones eyes.

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Curtains….foiled again!

As I’ve mentioned, our eldest and his family are in town for a visit.
While sitting around my mother-in-laws on Sunday after our family lunch, I pulled out my handy-dandy¬†camera phone and proceeded to try to¬†get some better pictures of the grandkids than the ones I had gotten the other day. The 9 month old does anything but smile when I take her picture or moves every time¬†I hit the button. I actually have one really good picture of the eldest, who is 3, but that is for another post and it’s just one. But…back to this story

Corbin, the 3-year-old, has been quite shy most of his life so far, and the distance between the states most of the time doesn’t help matters much either. His and my relationship has been an interesting one.
Having raised one very shy child myself I take absolutely no offence, and definitely do not take it personally, when it comes time for hugs and kisses and he high tails it any direction that is away from me. My daughter-in-law felt quite bad. I myself, turned it into a game.
You don’t want to willingly give me a hug? Well than I guess the¬†tickle monster will have to tickle one out of you. After the chasing him down and tickling him, the tickle monster then swoops him up in her arms and grandma gets her hug.
After a few times of that he warmed up quite well, but as with everything, there is a price. Now, anytime I ask for a hug he takes off running from me to hide while laughing the entire way.
We have gone from the tickle monster, to the hug monster, to the hang you upside down monster. Any hugs I want are always a chase, with wonderful child laughter, that ends with me getting my hug, while he has a smile on his face the entire time.
So… as I pulled out my camera and said that I needed to get more pictures, Corbin proceeded to squeal and take off running for the curtains, laughing the entire way.
As usual, I made the best of it and attempted getting pictures anyway as he hid in the curtains, his child laughter being music to my ears, while trying to foil my plans of a good picture.
But…. I find these pictures amazing all the more just because of the joy I experienced in taking them. After all, this is where wonderful memories that will forever be cherished come from.




















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Storybook pictures and dreams

These are the pictures I did for my grandkids. They will be getting them when they are here to visit in about a week and I finally got some good pictures of them.

I love books, stories and fairy tales. This storybook series of pictures I’ve been doing reminds me that our lives are just another story, in another life, with multitudes of possibilities. You never know which day will stand out the most or¬†who will come to your rescue (or who you will rescue). It’s a¬†reminder that wishes and dreams do come true, sometimes you have to tilt your head a little bit to get a better view, sometimes it’s blindingly obvious.

As a child, I always wanted to be the princess, damsel, or butt kicking heroine in the fairytale books. As an adult, I realise that I have been and still am. My life, as well as anyones, is a story. We just have to remember to continue shaping and changing the story for the happily ever after that we want.


I really would have liked the Treasure Island part (top left) to have been a little darker but…. that’s how the paper was and I didn’t want to try to ‘fix it’ only to mess it up. It’s not as light¬†up close and personal so¬†I left it as it is.

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Reflection of an Az sunset

Its monsoon season here in Arizona. The time when we get our yearly rain allowance, the time when it’s no longer a dry heat, the time when you can see some pretty amazing scenery.

I am not much of a photographer, all i¬†have is my phone, and I¬†tend to have difficulty actually capturing in a picture what I¬†see in person. And then theres the¬†fact that I¬†rarely remember to take a picture of said scenery. But…. I did try

I have a few pictures I snapped while in my backyard. The sun was setting in the west and reflecting its beautiful colors onto the clouds to the east of them and this is what I managed to get. By the time I had gone to the front of the house to try to get some pictures from that direction, the sun was down so far that all the reds, pinks, and oranges in the clouds were gone.


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Maybe this is why I get nothing done

Well……. the good news. I have a new phone with a better camera.

The bad news. This is what’s been happening when I finally sit down to type a post on a PC.


We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The cats have yet to get along with the dogs (they were ours before the dogs and they are not so keen on sharing the household). This has been a work in progress. Needless to say, when the cats do get your attention, they want ALL of your attention.

Now that I’m finally getting to post, it’s past my bedtime. Again. I’ve actually been quite emotionally drained lately, what with all the illnesses, relatives in the hospital, and other family and work drama that I usually try to avoid…. my emotions have gone a bit wonky. Yes, wonky. I really want to type up another peice about me, like maybe a part after I was an infant. But what I’d really like to get to is the now. the emotional, the reading people, the seeing people. I am just not clear on how to go about that yet. I’m sure it’ll come to me as it should.

In the meantime, and before I fall asleep, I thought i’d tr posting some pics i took this weekend with my new camera phone. They are definately nothing spectacular, and I really didn’t spend much time trying to get pictures, I was busy with family and my grandparents celebration of 80 birthdays.¬† ūüôā

without further ado, here are some boring, unprofessional, quick… what can I find to take a picture of, pictures. They aught to be much better than the other ones and i’m excited to see how they turn out on this.


They may be boring but they are a lesson for me.


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Love Long Lost

I’m trying out the “press this” button tonight.

This blog has¬†beautiful photography, wonderful words, and sparks for inspiration…… check it out!

Love Long Lost.

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Whatever was I thinking?

Ok….¬† I do not really know my way around this blogging thing yet but I am still learning. So being the genius that I am…. I think I have signed up for that blog a day thing. I’m not entirely sure what it’s for, from what i can tell it’s just to promote blogging daily, but since I am trying to blog everyday anyway I figured why not, so… I clicked the sign me up button. Hhhmmm…. maybe I shoulda thought first… BUT…. if I thought too much before I did some things, I wouldn’t do anything. So I think I signed up. The worst that will happen is that I get cicked out of it… right?

What I don’t know:¬† am I¬†supposed to stick to the ideas that are given? Does your blogging have to appear to be written by someone who knows what they’re doing (I surely hope not cuz I obviously don’t)?¬†What if I miss a day? Should I really put that little box on my blog page if I may not be able to follow the rules? Are there rules?

Yeah well… that’s why I did and didn’t think about it. Overanalyze much?¬†¬† ūüėČ

I am not entirely sure how to do the little box thing. yes, i’m afraid of the ‘click here’ to add it to my page.¬†I have yet to get to actually linking things or any of that other technical stuff. I think it took me a week to figure out how to get a picture on here.¬† Speaking of pictures….

While I was roaming around the blog/post a day places, I came across the suggestion to post a picture right now. You know, take a picture right now and post about it… so I took pictures at my mother-in-laws while we were there today. Here they are (crossing my fingers)…..

This isn’t entirely what I had planned on typing up but technology has gotten the better of me today. what should have taken 15 minutes, turned into 2 hours, and so on and so forth. Since it¬†is the last day of the weekend and monday starts a glorious day at work of rushing to get things entered in a timely fashion (can you see the sarcasm dripping off of that?)… all I really want to do is see if the HBO Go actually works and I can finally watch the True Blood show¬†(hopefully from the very begining) ¬†i’ve been trying to check out. After all this work, I hope it’s good. If not… I’ll see what else I can get frustrated with.


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River’s Storybook

River's Storybook

This is River’s gift that I’ve finally finished. Like the other picture, it is all done with scrapbook paper. This canvas is actually a 16×20 so it’s quite big. I needed it to be big to fit all the fairytale characters, but I think one a bit smaller would have worked. a series of smaller ones would pry be nice looking too. That would mean more holes in the wall to hang the more pictures, but it looks pretty cool in my head ūüėČ

I’d like to do one with actual pages from books but I don’t have any books I want to destory at the moment, and i think several different types of books with several types of font and style. Without the characters but with bold words like…. beli
eve, dream, imagine, or whatever I can come up with that goes with books.
Any suggestions?

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June 2, 2012 · 11:30 pm

Not gonna happen

Nope, i will not be reaching my goal I had for tonight. Just not gonna have enough time for that. So instead… I’ll post ūüôā

I did notice that the pictures and whole frickin page i typed up still are not showing up. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the pictures from my phone and I’m guessing they’re too big.

I have however come across a few blogs that I like or have found interesting. I’ve even posted comments. (go girl!) so… I can post and comment, thats all i really need to be able to do, right? Someday I will have a pretty picture of somesort in one of my posts. A nice watterfall scene when i post about positive energy. An old, worn page from a book when I post a favorite word or phrase. Something to¬†set the mood and mind. hey… a girl can dream can’t she? I’ll get there… sometime.

In the meantime I think i’m gonna give the nook or phone app a shot at typing up a draft to post. Today after reading a post, i thought about describing a meditation process amd what meditation means to me. Not that i’m an expert or anything, but i’m pretty good at changing my perspective to set my mood. It also is quite detramental to hang onto negativity, this i know from experience. I may even be close to an expert oth from an inside and outside veiw ūüėȬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Nothing is perfect or easy, nor do I want it to be. That would just take the fun outta everything. A little bit nicer now and then wouldnt hurt though ūüėȬ† ok… enuf winking faces.

Or a draft of a word/phrase i’d like to post. Or just my take on something. A different perspective. I just think I need to get to what I started this for… talking/typing/posting. pictures or no pictures. I’ll find my way along to that…. eventually.

But this will all come a different day. Now is time to relax and breathe and get some sleep.¬†I never¬†have been¬†a morning person so if I’m must get up at 5am, I need a decent bedtime. (aside from the fact that I meaninglessly ramble when I’m tired. and… I’m tired)

I do have quite a bit to say. It may be meaningless drabble to some, it may make someone laugh (which i love the most), it may enlighten or inspire someone, who knows. I just a matter of where to start. At some point ill share more of me, my trauma or experiences, but maybe this time i wont jump head first. But i should type up something before i read another post since the few i have read have stirred my mind with even more to say. Hhmmm… and i need to learn to shorten my comments/replies. Note to self, not everyone needs or wants a paragraph response. It would be much easier if they didnt make me think so much. (Sssoooooo wanted to put a wink after that)


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