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To dream a little (or big) dream… again


I am somewhat excited. Ok, ok… I am trying to keep it to a ‘somewhat’ excited level instead of an overly excited level. My husband is again in pursuit of his dream. Truth be told, it has actually become a family dream. It nice to see him interested again and i am hopeful that everything works out better this time. I can see now that several pieces were not in their proper place before, and I really hope it is not the case this time around. You see, it goes a little something like this….

Between my husband and I we have 5 boys, his mine and ours. The eldest and youngest are 10 years and 4 weeks apart, and depending on the month we are in, the 3 middle are a year apart. Right now they are 14, 18, 20, 21, and 24. In sept itll be 14, 19, 20, 21, and 24. Dec itll be 15, Jan will be 25…. and so on and so forth. It’s always funny when people ask how old my kids are and I stop to think about it. For one because I have to take into consideration what month again, for two their reaction when I name off 5 ages. Well having 5 boys, and being married to another at heart, they are all into gaming. Computer games, D&D, Xbox, you name it… we play it. And of course there’s the smack talk. I’m sure you get the idea, but this is the base of his dream. A business that we can all get into and enjoy, take pride in, do together as a family, and a possible future for our children from our hearts (having a family of 7 really puts a tight grasp on your finances). So after trash talking and gaming with his boys while wishing he could do more for his family he came up with a brilliant idea for a family business. A gaming center.

We discussed it together, we discussed it with the boys. The boys loved the idea. We threw around crazy ideas and legitimate ones. All of us became excited and the idea grew bigger. When we started to doubt, the kids enthusiasm kept us going. We spent a couple of years putting together ideas, plans, and avenues. We kept each other motivated. We still lacked the finances, we’ve both lost our jobs at different points (once at the same point), but there was still this dream we had as a family so we kept at it. We had finally found an angel investor.

It did take some money on our end but not as much as other opportunities and after discussing it with our boys, we decided to pursue this avenue. We worked this avenue for a good year. Sign this, do that, ect. We got as far as forming a corporation and a small business, license in our state. We were sooooo close. Then the economy fell apart.
The investor got cold feet (or lost money in other interests) and backed out of everything he was getting involved in. So… we had a corporation and a business license but still had nothing. We were broke, in debt, and had put our time and energy into this for so long that it was devastating. Within the next year, my father in law passed away and that was it. My husband gave up. It was heartbreaking to see a man give up on his dream but it just didn’t seem like it would ever be something that would work out for us. After so many speed bumps, brick walls, and just about every other obsticle you could come across he gave up hope.

It is now years later and there is a spark of hope again. We have all still talked about opening the business but it was more like a fantasy, like planning on what we will do when we win the lottery. The eldest moved on in his life and joined the Navy, the middle one a few years later did the same. The start of turning this business thing back around was when the middle one stated that the Navy is/was his way of starting our family dream. He planned on establishing good (if not great credit) by the solid job of the military and very little bills, and if everything went the way he wanted he would have a good amount stashed away when he got out so he could pursue the business. Well he is still in the military but, he got married before he left….. his finances are quite what he was planning on.
BUT…. this was the start of the kick in the pants my husband has needed. His boys continue to talk about the family business, continue to want to see it open, continue to have the dream, but most importantly… they have put their heart and desire to do this into it, for both them and their dad. It has opened their fathers eyes.

Lately there have been a few other things that have turned up that have really made him think of pursuing this once more. Things said at just the right time, things seen at just the right time, people met at just the right time to make him stop and think that we should go for this again.

The fact that all of his boys still want to do this, still want to be involved, and still want to this to work really helps to push him into pursuing this once more. He still has a fear that everything will get pulled out from under him once more, but everyday that fear is getting less and less.

I am hoping he once again gets as excited about this as he was before. It is something that he is so passionate about that he gets practically anyone else he talks to excited about it.
Even though we have a lot more to do once again, things have changed in a few years, but it could be worth it in the end.

Wether we start small or go big has yet to be determined, but i will take either way. I am trying to not get too excited as of yet since we are not quite in full swing of pursuing it again, but there is hope. And i can still dream about quitting my current job before we decide 😉

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