Maybe this is why I get nothing done

Well……. the good news. I have a new phone with a better camera.

The bad news. This is what’s been happening when I finally sit down to type a post on a PC.


We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The cats have yet to get along with the dogs (they were ours before the dogs and they are not so keen on sharing the household). This has been a work in progress. Needless to say, when the cats do get your attention, they want ALL of your attention.

Now that I’m finally getting to post, it’s past my bedtime. Again. I’ve actually been quite emotionally drained lately, what with all the illnesses, relatives in the hospital, and other family and work drama that I usually try to avoid…. my emotions have gone a bit wonky. Yes, wonky. I really want to type up another peice about me, like maybe a part after I was an infant. But what I’d really like to get to is the now. the emotional, the reading people, the seeing people. I am just not clear on how to go about that yet. I’m sure it’ll come to me as it should.

In the meantime, and before I fall asleep, I thought i’d tr posting some pics i took this weekend with my new camera phone. They are definately nothing spectacular, and I really didn’t spend much time trying to get pictures, I was busy with family and my grandparents celebration of 80 birthdays.  🙂

without further ado, here are some boring, unprofessional, quick… what can I find to take a picture of, pictures. They aught to be much better than the other ones and i’m excited to see how they turn out on this.


They may be boring but they are a lesson for me.


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2 responses to “Maybe this is why I get nothing done

  1. Jackie Paulson

    awe, I love your cat. So photo gentic…thanks for posting !!

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